Register for a Free Intro Session. All members of our box have been through this introduction and completed a baseline fitness assessment. This is a great chance for you to see the gym, meet the coaches, try a workout and see if you are ready for CrossFit.

Many people are surprised when they have some difficulty with their first workout and want to try and work up to handling our classes. We haven’t seen that work yet. We have had dozens of people with major fitness challenged come into our classes, let us scale the workouts to their ability, and build up quickly to doing workouts as prescribed. The intro class is also our chance to learn where your strengths and weaknesses are so we can coach you the most effectively if you choose to join.

Yes. But….we will do each coaching session individually so we can get to know you better that first day. While most of our classes take place in a group setting, the intro class is designed to also be a baseline test so we can compare your results before and after participating in CrossFit. We can schedule back to back intros if you would like to bring a friend.

You Only Regret The Workouts You Didn’t Do

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